Our Performance based services have been proven to advance the process of sports performance through adaptive technology and software (biohacking). These machines accelerate the time it generally takes for cardio, weightlifting and oxygen training to adapt through your body, creating a day’s/week’s worth of training in a fraction of the time.


AI Adaptive Bike

Clinically proven through 20 years of peer-reviewed university research, Adaptive Cardio AI is an interactive exercise bike that fights obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. This is a stationary bike empowered by artificial intelligence, that over time learns what each user is capable of, pushing the body’s performance for each session based on their last. Measuring the quadriceps via ultrasound, the AI Adaptive Bike can track the same effect the body’s glycogen stores in a 45-minute jog.

Two members riding The AI Bike at Upgrade Labs Riverton

The Cheat Machine

This breakthrough technology uses patented motorized resistance and computer software to adapt to your specific needs enhancing the muscle development process, increasing muscle mass, strength and bone density. Grow new muscle mass in only minutes per week compared to hours per week spent at the gym

A staff member at Upgrade Labs - Riverton showing a member how to use equipment.

Whole Body Vibration Plate

Our whole body vibration plate encourages lymphatic movement, rapid muscular contractions and systemic circulation to provide an effective warm up or workout. Experience accelerated benefits in blood flow, metabolic rate, muscle strength, flexibility, and even bone health. Trusted by pro athletes and backed by scientific studies, it’s time to power up your workouts with The Whole Body Vibration Plate.

A photo of 5 members using equipment at Upgrade Labs - Riverton

Client Testimonials

The performance enhancement programs at Upgrade Labs have taken my athletic abilities to new heights. Through their state-of-the-art technologies and personalized training, I've achieved gains in strength, speed, and endurance that I never thought possible, helping me excel in my sport and setting new personal records.
Seth F
I've been amazed by the results I've seen since working with Upgrade Labs. Their innovative approach to performance enhancement has not only helped me reach my fitness goals but has also given me the confidence and energy to excel in every aspect of my life.
Jeff L

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At Upgrade Labs, we specialize in Wellness Recovery, an integral part of your journey to optimal health and well-being. Utilizing cutting-edge therapies and personalized approaches, our experts are dedicated to helping you recover, rejuvenate, and revitalize both mind and body. Our innovative recovery solutions are designed to reduce stress, enhance energy, and promote healing, aligning with your unique wellness goals. Embrace the next level of wellness recovery and let us guide you towards a more balanced and vibrant life with Upgrade Labs.