Harness the power of light. The REDcharger surrounds your entire body to red and infrared LEDs. Studies show that exposure to these wavelengths promote muscle recovery, decrease inflammation, increase collagen and elastin production, growth of new blood vessels in the skin, and energize your mitochondria.


Muscle Recovery

Accelerates healing, reduces soreness, rejuvenates muscles, enhances flexibility, supports athletic performance and daily function.

Decrease Inflammation

Reduces swelling, alleviates pain, promotes faster healing, supports joint health, enhances overall wellness.

Elastin Production

Boosts skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, enhances hydration, improves appearance, promotes youthful, healthy complexion.

New Blood Vessels

Stimulates circulation, improves skin tone, enhances oxygenation, supports healing, contributes to vibrant, nourished appearance.


"I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about the REDcharger, but after trying it out at Upgrade Labs Riverton, I've become a true believer. The experience of being surrounded by red and infrared LEDs was not only soothing but also incredibly effective. My muscles felt revitalized after a strenuous workout, and the inflammation in my joints noticeably decreased. Over time, I even began to see improvements in my skin's elasticity and appearance, all thanks to the increase in collagen and elastin production. The energy boost I felt after each session was like a cherry on top! The REDcharger is more than just a wellness device; it's a pathway to a healthier, more vibrant me. I can't recommend it enough"

A woman laying down inside the REDcharger at Upgrade Labs - Riverton
A woman about to get into the REDcharger bed at Upgrade Labs - Riverton


Ready to experience a revolution in wellness and self-care? Discover the REDcharger at Upgrade Labs Riverton. Whether you’re seeking muscle recovery, decreased inflammation, rejuvenated skin, or a boost in energy, the REDcharger offers the benefits you need, harnessing the power of red and infrared LEDs. Don’t let fatigue and stress hold you back. Click below to book your session now and take the first step towards a healthier, more radiant you with the REDcharger. Your transformation awaits!


Check out some of the Upgrades (Services) that go great with the REDcharger.

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PEMF increases energy production, immunity, detoxification, helps heal damaged tissues and bone, relieves injury-related pain, stimulates organs, activates the cell’s energy, and encourages natural repair and healing mechanisms. PEMF boosts cognitive and creative brain functions too.

A man using The Oxygen Trainer at Upgrade Labs Riverton

Oxygen Trainer

When your blood and body carry extra oxygen, it can help fight bacteria, stimulate growth factors and stem cells which can help promote healing. The Oxygen Trainer provides you with a multitude of benefits including fatigue prevention, improved metabolism, increased energy, endurance, performance, recovery, and overall vitality via stimulating healthy mitochondria in the cells.

A women showing a man The Cheat Machine at Upgrade Labs Riverton

The Cheat Machine

This breakthrough technology uses patented motorized resistance and computer software to adapt to your specific needs enhancing the muscle development process, increasing muscle mass, strength and bone density. Grow new muscle mass in only minutes per week compared to hours per week spent at the gym.

Ready to revolutionize your fitness routine? Experience the future of biohacking with REDcharger!

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