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Discover the Cutting-Edge Advantage in Tennis with Biohacking - Your Path to Victory and Vitality

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Biohacking is not science fiction; it’s a science-backed approach to optimizing the human body. At
Upgrade Labs, we offer tailored technologies and therapies designed to enhance your tennis
performance and recovery. Imagine stepping onto the court with newfound energy, strength, and
focus. Imagine recovering with ease and efficiency, ready to face the next match. That’s the power
of biohacking.

Biohacking isn't a trend; it's a revolution in performance. Discover how it can be your game-changer in tennis.

From Pre-Match Preparation to Post-Match Recovery

Cryotherapy for Pre-Match Edge: Cryotherapy immerses the body in extreme cold, stimulating
blood flow and invigorating the nervous system. For tennis players, it means heightened alertness
and reduced muscle stiffness, giving you a competitive edge as you step onto the court. It’s a
pre-match ritual that prepares your body for peak performance.

PEMF for Recovery: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is more than just relaxation;
it’s targeted recovery. By stimulating cellular repair, PEMF reduces inflammation and accelerates
healing. After an intense match or practice session, PEMF helps tennis players bounce back faster,
keeping you in top form throughout the season.

RedCharger for Healing: RedCharger therapy harnesses the power of red and near-infrared light to
stimulate cellular energy production. For tennis players dealing with repetitive strain or injuries,
RedCharger promotes faster healing and reduces pain. It’s a revitalizing therapy that keeps you
playing your best game, match after match.

Oxygen Trainer for Endurance: The Oxygen Trainer at Upgrade Labs is designed to optimize your
body’s oxygen utilization. For singles players, where endurance is crucial, training with controlled
oxygen levels increases lung efficiency and aerobic stamina. It’s not just about surviving the final
set; it’s about thriving, with energy to spare.

Hailey and Becky – I’m excited and frankly, a little surprised that my recent back injury felt so much better after visiting your center! I’m an avid tennis player, playing sometimes as much as 6 times a week. I’ve been hurt before, and never had much success with physical therapy, never heard of Dave Asprey and definitely didn’t understand “BioHacking”. Although I’m embarrassed to admit it, I usually relied on cortisone shots, tons of advil and sometimes pain medication to alleviate my pain. When Hailey suggested I try out the Red Charger, PEMF Machine and Cryotherapy, I was willing to try, just to get back out on the court. After spending a short hour and a half at Upgrade Labs, I could not believe how much better I felt! I thought to myself, maybe this is all in my head, let’s see how you feel later tonight, and I can honestly say, I felt no pain, no stiffness, ease of movement returned and I was even energetic. Who knew? Turns out, you and your amazing staff did 😊 I’m happy to report, I played a league match the very next day and been playing since with no back problems. I’m so grateful for Hailey’s suggestions and wanted to write you a note to thank you let you know, I’m a convert to BioHacking!

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