5 Cutting Edge Biohacking Treatments from Upgrade Labs

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Popular biohacking franchise Upgrade Labs is the world’s first Human Upgrade Center and brainchild of Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Coffee and father of biohacking. The franchise offers a diverse array of performance, recovery, cognitive and diagnostic biohacking technologies to its guests.

Here, the experts at Upgrade Labs share their top five wellness technologies, selected because of their popularity, effectiveness, efficiency and extensive list of applications in upgrading the human body, mind and spirit (in no particular order!).

1. REDcharger

Mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) are responsible for about 90%-95% of the body’s energy levels in any given moment. During a private session on the REdcharger, amber, red and infrared light all travel varying lengths of depth into the body and “charge up” the mitochondria, allowing them to create more ATP, or cellular energy.

These frequencies of light are beautiful, mimicking and supplementing the light that we naturally receive from the sun at sunrise and sunset. As the cells create more energy, clients thoroughly enjoy significantly decreased inflammation, more beautiful skin, relaxed and eased muscle tension and pain, and a more natural sleeping rhythm, among many other benefits.

Bonus: The REDCharger stacks well with other technologies, especially cryotherapy, to deliver enhanced benefits.

2. The Oxygen Trainer

The Oxygen Trainer is part of the next generation of performance, recovery and cognitive upgrading systems. During a session, clients relax in a zero-gravity chair and receive a “passive workout,” in which nearly every cell in the body is strengthened through intermittent hypoxia training.

In a fully relaxed state, clients are connected to The Oxygen Trainer via a breathing mask and tube. The device controls the concentration of oxygen that they receive. The air typically around us is known as normoxia (20.9% oxygen). During the session, clients cycle through normoxia and lower concentrations of oxygen (hypoxia). These breathing cycles safely stimulate all the benefits of altitude training, no matter what sea level you are at.

Clients love this technology as their body responds to it with significantly increased energy levels, better endurance, higher cognition, improved longevity markers, better hormone levels, better sleep and overall vitality.

3. Upgraded PEMF

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) delivers electromagnetic energy as a pulse through the guest’s body. During a session on Upgraded PEMF, copper coils emit electromagnetic energy that, when absorbed by the body, restores the proper charge to our ions, such as oxygen, potassium and calcium. This restores the ions’ ability to perform their function, which is to go into the cells, remove waste and allow nutrients to flow in.

The effects of this are profound. In recharging their “cellular batteries,” clients can enjoy significant pain reduction, enhanced injury recovery times, increased bone density, nervous system regulation and reductions in stress and migraines.

4. The CHEAT Machine

The CHEAT Machine provides just a few minutes of high-intensity resistance training, helping users achieve the benefits of a week’s worth of exercise. They go through a full body workout, typically chest press, row and leg press movements, working out against an AI-controlled motor. Users can maximize both the concentric and eccentric phases of the lift in a way that could not be safely replicated in a typical gym setting.

Clients love The CHEAT Machine for its ability to rapidly stimulate significant muscle growth, endurance, hormonal response and bone density. It’s also beloved for offering clients significant savings in time, as well the ability to track output data as they get stronger over time.

It’s also safe for almost everyone without an acute injury, because the user’s own strength constantly determines the resistance.

5. Cell Health Analysis

Our clients’ journey into health optimization through biohacking rests upon the Cell Health Analysis. This unique diagnostics technology uses a bioelectrical impedance, or a sonar signal, to precisely gauge a variety of key health indicators.

Following a quick scan, users are guided through a report detailing the current state of their health: how much muscle mass they have, is it sufficient to support them, how much fat mass they have, how much visceral fat they have, where in the body they have inflammation, as well as a vital whole-body phase angle.

The phase angle is a measure of the integrity of the cell membrane, how well it keeps out toxins and allows nutrients to flow in. It goes up when you’re healthy, down when you’re sick, up with muscle mass and down with inflammation. It is a metric that cumulatively considers how your current lifestyle impacts your health on a cellular level.

For technicians at Upgrade Labs, this health scan provides the opportunity to have an honest conversation about our clients’ health and put a protocol in place, so that a person’s biohacking journey is maximally smooth, effective and enjoyable

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