Revolutionizing Wellness: Upgrading Humanity One Biohack at a Time​


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Upgrade Labs, an innovation of biohacking pioneer Dave Asprey, brings revolutionary self-improvement modalities to everyday life.

As we embark on our exciting journey with our first franchise in Riverton, we bring revolutionary self-improvement modalities to your everyday life. Co-owners Hailey Smith and Becky Granden, with a passionate commitment to biohacking, are at the helm of this transformative venture. We offer eight groundbreaking technologies divided between performance enhancement and recovery. Our performance arsenal includes the adaptive AI bike, Cheat Machine, Vibe, and Oxygen Trainer, all designed to supercharge your workout efficiency. Meanwhile, our recovery suite features the Big Squeeze, PEMF, REDCharger, and Cryotherapy, each focusing on rejuvenating your health and wellbeing. In addition to physical improvement, we house the Brain Upgrade station for accelerated mental tranquility through real-time neurofeedback. We've also set up our Danger Coffee Bar, serving mold-free coffee that hydrates as you enjoy. Here at Upgrade Labs, we empower you to choose your own path to becoming the healthiest version of yourself, reinforcing our mission of upgrading humanity, one biohack at a time.


Hailey Smith


Born and raised against the breathtaking backdrop of Idaho's pristine landscapes, Hailey has always been in tune with the power of nature and the boundless potential of the human body. Her love for tennis and active lifestyle ignited a fire within her to constantly seek ways to enhance her abilities and outperform her limits. With a tenacious spirit and an insatiable curiosity, Hailey embarked on a journey to explore the realms of biohacking and human optimization, ultimately leading her to open Upgrade Labs Riverton.

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Becky Granden


Becky is a 5th generation Idahoan. She has a passion for finding and sharing alternative solutions to common issues after regaining her health following years of toxic mold exposure. Becky is passionate about becoming a more resilient human and empowering others to do the same.

A Staff Photo of the team at Upgrade Labs - Riverton

Alissa Butler

Lead Biohacking Technician

My favorite piece of tech is the vibe plate. Why because it does a little bit of everything! It builds strength, tones muscles, feels like a massage, increases circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage, tightens skin, increases bone density and flexibility!

I love working at Upgrade Labs because I get to help people on their health and wellness journey. Our health is like a puzzle and I love helping people find what works for them. And not only that, I love seeing the transformations!

A Staff Photo of the team at Upgrade Labs - Riverton

Chelsea Dalmas

Biohacking Technician

PEMF is my absolute favorite piece of tech. I have noticed a difference in my health from using it nearly everyday to every other day. It improves your cell health and inflammation levels.

Working at Upgrade Labs Riverton has been incredible. The team and our members create a very uplifting environment to be involved in. It’s motivating to be surrounded with people that are like minded as you are. Everyone has something to offer, and I am constantly learning something new about the health and wellness industry. Overall, I am just so full of love for the opportunity to be apart of a growing community of biohackers!

A Staff Photo of the team at Upgrade Labs - Riverton

Kalani Hunter

Biohacking Technician

What do is your favorite piece of tech? It’s hard to say one.. but I love the mix of red charger & cryo! I’ve been doing that stack for over 3 months now and it’s improved my sleep tremendously! I usually have to take melatonin 2-3x a week since I get about 5/6 hrs a sleep a night, and I haven’t touched it after 2 weeks of doing that stack.

What do you like about working at Upgrade Labs? I love our members and coworkers so much! Developing relationships with everyone has truly been my favorite part. Being a helping hand alongside everyone’s health journey has motivated me to improve my health even more.

A Staff Photo of the team at Upgrade Labs - Riverton

Daniela Troia

Biohacking Technician

Fav piece of tech: Hard to pick but currently The Big Squeeze.
What do I like about working at Upgrade? Being surrounded by the longevity curious. It’s such a breath of fewest air to share and learn from others with similar mindsets. There’s always good convo! Also, the amazing opportunity to have access to the best biohacking tech.

A Staff Photo of the team at Upgrade Labs - Riverton

Mason Walters

Biohacking Technician

My favorite piece of tech would have to be the Cryo Chamber, I love using cold shock recovery the day after working out and the energy boost it gives you once you get out.

I really enjoy working at Upgrade Labs because it gives me the opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life and the chance to learn about a whole different world of the health and wellness industry.



We invite you to experience the transformative atmosphere at Upgrade Labs. Come by and take a complimentary tour of our state-of-the-art facilities, located right in the heart of Riverton. You'll get a firsthand look at our top-tier equipment, meet our team of dedicated professionals, and get a sense of the vibrant, supportive community that our members love.
Our doors are open and we're eager to show you what makes Upgrade Labs unique. You can find us at 2206 N Eagle Rd STE 110, Riverton, ID 83646.


The Upgrade Labs team is dedicated to guiding you towards your wellness and aesthetic objectives. Irrespective of whether you're a gym veteran or a newcomer on the path to better health, we value your queries and concerns. As you prepare to engage in the life-changing opportunities we provide, we invite you to utilize the contact form below. Inquire about our service offerings, membership options, or express your personal fitness goals. We stand by the principle of custom-tailored experiences, and your input aids us in crafting just that. Reach out to us now and initiate the journey to elevate your life.

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